Five Simple Things to Improve Your Health


As a lover of all things healthy and green, I spend my life researching, experimenting and  devouring an array of superfoods, products, vitamins, yoga poses and different exercise techniques. To the average person, my lifestyle can appear daunting to those who don’t eat chlorella as a snack and think kale is the most amazing vegetable in the world.

That is exactly my inspiration for this blog post. Since one of my passions in this world is feeling amazing AND helping others feel the same, I decided to pick my top 5 inexpensive yet highly effective wellness tips that can change the quality of your life and improve your health dramatically.  All 5 can be put into practice immediately and will cost you hardly anything, except maybe a little bit of mindfulness.

So without further delay, here are five simple ways to improve your health:

1 – Drink warm water and lemon upon waking. Hydrate your system immediately and get your insides moving. Lemon water is high in Vitamin C, which gives the body a strong immune boost. It is also very cleansing, helping to detoxify and alkalize the body. All of which leads to more energy, clearer skin, less dis-ease, cleaner insides and a beautiful, youthful glow.


2 – MOVE. Sweat a little bit each day. Find a movement that speaks to you. For me, it is definitely yoga because nothing makes me feel better. Your body is your foundation so take care of it by moving, stretching and dancing. By exercising a little bit each day, you activate the lymphatic system, the body’s natural waste removal system, which helps clear out toxins and other debris. Plus, you strengthen the cardio system and get a nice dose of endorphins, those amazing feel-good hormones!


3 – Deep breaths. Nothing makes me feel more alive, energetic and grateful than a delicious deep breath. When we breath deeply and use the lungs to their fullest capacity, we bring oxygen and life into each one of our cells. It has the power to immediately improve mood, helping to de-stress by calming down thoughts and emotions. It is an incredible gift and available to you at every moment.


4 – Get some sunshine. The sun is good for us. The best (and arguably one of the only) ways to produce and absorb Vitamin D in our bodies is through the sun. Vitamin D is necessary for an array if important functions, including muscle strength and coordination, cardiovascular health, proper immune functions and the absorption of calcium. Aim for at east 15 minutes a day without sunscreen so your body can fully absorb the all the sun’s nutrients and energy.


5 – Practice kindness and gratitude. Aside from eating clean and exercising, the key to improving your health is to be kind and grateful. This combination is so powerful it literally will change your life. The energy you put out will always circle back so the more kind and appreciative you are, the more life will bless you with gifts and abundance. Take responsibility for the energy you give off to those around you. When you vibrate and function from a place of kindness and peace, you affect those around you and raise their vibrational states. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Without costing you anything, you have the power to improve your health.

Give the 5 simple steps a try and feel the effects. You won’t be disappointed!