FEAR – Face Everything and Rise

Do you know your biggest fear? 

It is an interesting thing to consider on the path to self-awareness. While it’s important to know what makes us feel joy, it’s equally important to become aware of our inner fears. Usually, our fears hold us back, sabotaging our dreams and even leading to debilitation. Fear of failure, of death, or of even great success can play out in our lives and get in the way of living to our fullest potentials.

But recently, I caught a glimpse of a link on Facebook that translated fear into Face Everything And Rise. It stuck in my mind for several moments but lingered even days after reading. Face Everything And Rise. I gotta be honest, I totally dug this perspective and watched how empowered I felt just thinking about rising over all of my fears. A simple shift in perspective quickly changed how I viewed being afraid.

How often does fear get in our way? Even if it’s only once, it’s too many. What if, instead of allowing that to happen, you faced them, directly and honestly. To look at your fears clearly and see them for exactly what they are: false belief patterns, ingrained societal “norms”, self-limiting thoughts.

All things that keep us small.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to feel small.

I want to feel big, bold and brave. I want to feel powerful and expansive.

So I’m ready. Here’s where I’m at.

I fear not being enough, not being of service and living out my full potential. I’m afraid of not reaching enough people or dying before my journey is complete. I fear of losing my freedom, not having enough money and getting fat. I fear of not doing what I love.

Sebastian is in the process of a career change and he also feels fear. Fear of losing the steady paycheck, not going into an office and working for himself. He even fears the overwhelming nature of his talent and the responsibility he has to share it.

So now that we identified our fears, now what?

We decided to make a conscious effort to face fear and rise above. As both individuals and a team, we set an intention to not bow down and allow fear to stomp on our dreams. We are instead pushing forward and through the blocks even if that fear likes to linger around and provoke us in falling into old patterns of thinking.

We have a feeling it’s all part of the adventure.

As I think back, I realize I’m not new to feeling afraid. In grammar school, I feared recess because of bullies. Every time I stepped into the ring either to spar or fight, I faced fear, the gut-wrenching, “I might get seriously hurt” kind of fear that stayed long after the bell rang. Fear plagued my inside both times I went skydiving. I face fear every time I teach a class and 30 students are looking at me in search of guidance and truth. I guess it will always be there, in some form or another. 

It exists inside all of us. But what we choose to do with it is the key.

So maybe, when you have a moment at home, think about what scares you, what your deep rooted fears are that get in your way. And then take a good look. Face them honestly and be ready to accept whatever comes. Stay breathing and see that you hold to key to conquering them.

And once you do, you will for sure RISE.