Ten Minute Morning Practice (Video Included!)

I am currently creating my first ever video series called “Amanda’s Alignment.”

In today’s episode, I offer a simple ten minute morning practice. Starting the day with yoga is a really powerful and positive approach to warm up the body, get the spine moving, connect with the breath and open up the muscles and joints. Plus, it is a great way to ground the body, focus the mind and gain clarity so you set yourself for an amazing day.

In this video, we begin by starting in a comfortable seat while deepening the breath. We then move into simple movements like cat-cow and mini sun salutations to bring awareness to the spine. Next we practice poses that open the hips, shoulders and hamstrings with attention to both breath and alignment. To end, we find ourselves back to where we started, in a comfortable seat with a body that is open, aligned and awakened.

Of course the key with any movement is to honor what feels best, make any necessary adjustments and modifications, go as deep as you like while maintaining conscious breathing. Most of all, have fun and explore! These poses may be simple but they have so much to teach us.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And if you have any special requests for more “ Amanda’s Alignment” series, please share with me.

I hope this inspires you to take a few minutes every day to work on yourself through the practice of yoga. Even just a few minutes daily can profoundly change your body, your mind and even your perspective.