About Amanda

Let’s Do This Together

There is nothing as powerful as a woman who believes she is capable, in mind, body and spirit.

I am all about creating empowered mothers.I want women to feel confident in their bodies before conceiving, on their pregnancy journey, and in their postpartum experience. Through education and hands-on coaching, I aim to help mindful mamas find more joy and feel less overwhelmed in the arch of creating, growing and nurturing children.

Confidence in ourselves affects how we prepare for pregnancy, the time and energy we devote to learning about the deep honor of nurturing a child. It affects how courageous and bold we are despite the fears and doubts. Yet having worked with hundreds of women as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and doula, I have seen firsthand that there is a real struggle when moving from maiden to mother.

Culture tells us birth is hard, painful and out of our control. Something to be managed, forced or manipulated. That motherhood is exhausting, all consuming and will leave you as a shadow of your former self.

But that doesn’t have to be your reality. Instead, we focus on educating ourselves. Learning what our birthing options are. Finding the right care provider to align with birthing beliefs. We don’t hastily go into pregnancy and hope for the best. We go in with eyes and hearts wide open.

We know it is going to be challenging, pushing us to the very edge and demanding all of us. We know it is going to be the hardest thing we have ever done.

And so, we must prepare in order to be as ready as possible. We learn the beautiful rhythm of birth. How to craft a solid and supportive team that will hold both your hand and heart. We learn to eat for optimal health and wellbeing of both mother and baby, reduce our exposure to toxic products and beliefs, clear out space in our heads and homes and work to arrive at the doorstep of motherhood as our best, most centered selves.

We discuss having a solid postpartum plan to help integrate us into our new roles and find ways to support mama, baby and partner through the creation of the family unit. We cover nourishing foods that promote healing and explore different parenting philosophies so we have a framework to guide us in caring for a newborn. We cover postnatal fitness and health while giving time, space and patience for this new life to take hold.

We make this journey as conscious as possible.

How do we do this?


With the support of someone who is invested in your most positive mothering experience, guiding you to a state of empowered choice. Someone who knows the ins and outs of birth, both as a doula and a mother, and is willing to point you in the direction that best aligns with who you are and who you want to be.

Meet Amanda

Hello, Mama!

I’m Amanda Alappat.

Everything changed when I gave birth to my daughter. After spending over 20 years working as a fitness instructor, I realized that while I felt passionate about my work as a movement professional, something was missing. Becoming a mom was so much more than I dreamed it to be and created a profound shift in my life, sparked by taking on this new role as a mother.

I began to look for different ways to utilize my talents and started hosting regular informal mommy and me groups in my backyard. What initially began as a weekly playdate, transformed into new mama hangouts, baby parties and women’s wellness circles. The common thread among all of these gatherings? The crucial need for community and support.

The more I hosted these events, the more I began to realize that it was time for me to pivot a portion of my business away from just fitness and move towards helping mamas navigate the overwhelming world of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood.

Motherhood, as most of us know, can be isolating, scary, expensive and daunting. Unless you are in it, you can’t really comprehend it. And there is SO MUCH info out there which makes it’s hard to find your footing and your voice as you take on this new role.

Using my skills as a fitness professional and doula, I’ve devised curated programs, nutrition plans, and coaching packages that cover everything you need to know about preparing for, growing, birthing and raising a baby on your own terms and in your own way.

As a mother to an adorable daughter, I am constantly asked about my approach on everything from discipline to diapering. Though I have a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Exercise Physiology, I’m a student of life, a trained doula and a practitioner of respectful, conscious parenting. I am committed to learning as much as I can about this wild ride of motherhood and sharing my experience with others.

I still love training clients, hitting up the gym or moving on my yoga mat, but to me there is no greater joy than the moment a mother births her baby and family into existence. And I am humbled by the deep honor of having mamas and mamas-to-be invite me into the experience with them.

Although my family and I live in Harlem, we spend much of our time at The Pocono Barn, our quiet retreat home and art studio in Pennsylvania. And with the beauty of technology, I am able to serve clients all across the country.

Aside from all things parenting, I love perusing farmer’s markets, traveling around the world, watching the Amazing Race, sipping iced oat lattes and indulging in vegan carrot cake. My life mantra is “you get to decide” and my goal is to inspire you to do just that.

Amanda's Certifications

Masters in Exercise Physiology, Columbia University
Bachelor of Arts in Education, Pace University
Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certified Instructor, Yoga Thailand
2008 New York Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
CPR | AED Certified
Pre | Post Natal Trainer & Yoga Teacher, PreNatal Yoga Center
DONA® Certified Doula
B School, Marie Forleo
Yoga Intensives, Maty Ezraty
Assistant and Student, Marco Rojas
Ishta Yoga Bridge Program, Alan Finger
Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers, Jason Ray Brown
Body of Knowledge Anatomy Training, Laurel Beversdorf
RIE Level 1 Foundations Course, Deborah Carlisle Solomon