about amanda

Hello and welcome! My name is Amanda Alappat and I am passionate about two things: movement and motherhood. Both of these have long been embedded in my life. Here’s a little glimpse of my story.

When I was 15 years old, I “woke up.” After years of being bullied, I realized I was in charge of my own life. I began exercising at a local gym with different trainers which helped me regain a sense of strength and self-confidence. For me, it was my gateway into mindfulness, provided a sense of drive and purpose and ignited in me a deep love and passion for movement.

Since those early days, exercise has been the overarching theme of my career. By 18, I was a certified personal trainer and later received my Masters from Columbia University in Exercise Physiology. For the past two decades I have literally trained hundreds of clients. Always a student, I have studied and experimented with various methods of fitness, ranging from power-lifting to Pilates, equipping myself with a extensive toolbox of techniques that I custom design to fit each client’s needs and goals.

However, the first time I walked into a boxing gym, I knew I had found a new home. I had been searching for a way to let out my aggression after a bad break-up and immediately became addicted to punching. Nothing felt more empowering than hitting a heavy bag! After several years of intense training and sacrfice, I started competing as an amateur boxer. The most memorable accomplishment was fighting in Madison Square Garden, winning the 2008 New York Golden Gloves Championship.

Boxing helped me tackle my insecurities, fears, and body image issues while giving me the opportunity to succeed in a male-dominated arena. This experience helped me become a fierce, strong and confident woman in the face of challenges and adversity.

But after six years, my soul craved something new. So I hung up my boxing gloves and decided to start traveling. It was during a trip to India with my now husband that I discovered a deep curiosity and love for yoga as a science, philosophy and way of life. I traveled to Thailand to attend a teacher training in 2010 and have since been teaching students a fundamental and alignment-based approach to the mind-body-breath. This transition from the boxing ring to the yoga mat has allowed me to explore the same principles of focus, dedication and commitment to the range of disciplines I both practice and teach.

As yoga deepened as my central practice, my attention expanded to the adventure of pregnancy, first completing an extensive pre and post natal yoga certification to then receiving my doula certification. Since then, I’ve attended over a dozen births, including my own three day home birth, and feel a deep sense of honor and pride to empower women to birth babies with informed choice, personal power and ease. I love supporting both pregnant and new moms as they navigate the rocky and rewarding tides of motherhood and aim to be a solid support system full of insight and information.

Now as a mother, I am dedicating a large part of my focus to becoming a connected, respectful and conscious mother and sharing my spiritual parenting approach with other moms and families. I am developing my own personal philosophy around raising children and hope to write a book within the next year.

I am also currently involved in another venture, our retreat home called the Pocono Barn that my husband and I recently purchased. It is here where we host yoga, art and adventure retreats and invite other teachers and visionaries to do the same. We believe so strongly in community as a way to collectively create our world that we opened this space for people to do their craft and spread the ripple effect of being awake, aware and aligned. Check out the Events page for more info.

Though my story contains many chapters and is still being written, here’s the gist.

An advocate for a well-designed, present and purposeful life and I use movement and motherhood to help you achieve just that. As a catalyst for change, my intention is to raise awareness, spread the goodness, encourage intentionality and ownership and inspire everyone to look, feel and live their best. Whether it’s push-ups or pushing out a baby, I can assist you on your journey to conscious living.

I hope you consider joining me!

Masters in Exercise Physiology, Columbia University
Bachelor of Arts in Education, Pace University
Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certified Instructor, Yoga Thailand
2008 New York Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
CPR | AED Certified
Pre | Post Natal Trainer & Yoga Teacher, PreNatal Yoga Center
DONA® Certified Doula
B School, Marie Forleo
Yoga Intensives, Maty Ezraty
Assistant and Student, Marco Rojas
Ishta Yoga Bridge Program, Alan Finger
Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers, Jason Ray Brown
Body of Knowledge Anatomy Training, Laurel Beversdorf