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Our Journey in the NICU

This article was written by mama and guest contributor Candice Crystal.   I pictured a quintessential birth for my first child. I would labor and push for a reasonable amount of time for a first-time mother and then my child would come into this world, healthy and strong. She would be placed on my chest […]

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Doula Journeys – My Sixth (and Best Friend’s) Birth

Permission was given to share this story. The journey of being of doula continues on with the latest birth that I attended last week. Although all of the previous ones have been extraordinary and powerful, this one was incredibly special because the mama happened to be one of my very best friends. I remember when [...]
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My Second Birth!

Lots of exciting news to share! I attended my second birth which was absolutely extraordinary. I am subbing extra classes over the next few weeks and BackYard Yoga is starting soon! Hope you enjoy the latest updates.

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