Becoming a mother can be the most extraordinary, intense, emotional, confronting and rewarding experience of a woman’s life.

It can also be the most confusing, isolating and fearful.

That’s where I come in.

There are several ways I work with pregnancy, birth and babies: as a doula, a coach for pregnancy prep, an instructor for pre/post natal fitness and yoga, and a resource for other conscious mamas.

A doula is a trained + experienced labor support professional who provides uninterrupted physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support to a woman in labor.

An integral and solid member of your birth team, a doula mothers the mother and provide soothing, nurturing, caring support  throughout the entire birth process.

Because birth is wild, raw, primal, intense, and will require all of you, it’s going to take you on a wild ride, one that you can never really know how it’s going to turn out. As your doula, I provide a constant, unwavering, solid presence so you can approach your birth with a sense of confidence, power, informed consent and knowledge. My services are for couples seeking a team member to support, guide, nurture and assist them on this incredible journey, one where they are willing to be present and participate.

Check out my video below with Alexandra Napoli for more insight!

Pregnancy Prep

Most couples do not realize that the state of our bodies and overall health PRIOR to getting pregnant has a significant influence on the success of a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

It’s troubling that most people prepare for huge life events like weddings but do nothing to prepare for pregnancy.

What can be more important than creating, sustaining and birthing life?

If you choose to become a parent, it is absolutely imperative you take a few months to prepare on all levels: body, mind, home, finances and spirit.

My husband and I took 18 months to get ourselves in order prior to getting pregnant and while that may seem extreme to many, I felt so confident, thankful and prepared to give my child the best start from the womb.

If you are interested in becoming pregnant and want to set aside time to get yourself ready for such an amazing experience, consider working with me and my preparation for pregnancy approach.

Over the course of 3-6 months, we will dive deep into eating for optimal nutrition, reducing toxic load, simple hacks to clean up your environment, getting your partner on board and more.

Take this essential first step in making sure your body is the most perfect place for your future children.

Amanda was an indispensable factor in the pre-partum, labor, and even postpartum experience for myself, my husband, my son, and our tiny new friend!

“Her energy is positive without fail! Her comfort techniques are creative and truly help distract from pain and fear.”

“The wonderful energy that Amanda brought to my birthing experience helped us stay calm, keep our sense of humor and help me navigate the strange journey of birth as a first-time mom. She also was a great coach, supporting me through the pain and providing me with the extra strength I needed to keep going. I couldn’t have had a better experience!”

“Amanda is very communicative from the start in wanting to know what kind of environment a Mom hopes to labor in, and she helps to honor that vision throughout. She is calming under pressure, and encouraging when you need reinforcement.”

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