I have been involved in the fitness and wellness industry long before it became popular and trendy. My own story and relationship to movement has evolved over the past twenty years. As I changed, so did what my body and mind can do, and more importantly what I enjoyed. What started out as body dysmorphia and exercise addiction changed into a balanced and mindful approach to staying fit and healthy.

I’ve been lunging, down-dogging and punching for more than half my life and in the process have gathered an extensive toolbox containing all kinds of disciplines, techniques, approaches and methods. I am thankful to have a thorough background, science-based knowledge, years of personal experience and a top-notch education. This has allowed me to provide customized options and different paths while providing support, guidance and accountability. In essence, I help YOU discover, own, integrate and live what it is that works best for you.

It’s rare to find a boxing yogi. It’s even more uncommon to find a doula who is also a personal trainer, fitness instructor and health coach all in one person.
That’s why I am different.

During our time together, we will sweat but we will also start to bring awareness to every aspect of your life that is required for overall and optimal health. We discuss what you’re eating, how you are sleeping, if you are breathing and how you are feeling. Yes, we focus on movement but in reality, it goes so much deeper than that.

We start with the body so we can tap into the deeper layers of the mind, habits, thought pattern and emotions. It becomes a total life transformation and evolution. It will include YOU, in all your forms, focusing on your strengths while working on your weaknesses. Training with me becomes a vehicle for deep, powerful and lasting change so you become the embodiment of your best self.

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