I will help you to create a positive change in your life through a mix of emotional guidance, physical fitness, personal empowerment and education.

You can work with me in the following ways:

Pregnancy Prep Package

Are you thinking about getting pregnant? If so, this package will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the adventure of motherhood. Together we’ll discuss how to optimize your nutrition for pregnancy, detox your home and replace toxic products with cleaner alternatives, financially plan for baby, get your partner actively involved, and prepare a list of questions to discuss with your chosen provider before getting pregnant.

This package includes:

  • 5 one-hour coaching calls
  • 2 live or virtual fitness or yoga classes
  • 2 written workout routines
  • Grocery shopping + supplement list
  • Non-toxic product list
  • Book recommendations & pregnancy resources
  • Text and/or email support
  • Pregnancy Prep is a 3-month commitment

Pregnancy + Birth Package

If you are pregnant and feeling lost, overwhelmed, or unsure about the future, this package provides you with comprehensive childbirth education to support you through each month of pregnancy. Together, we’ll discuss how to eat for optimal fetal growth + development, how to exercise safely and efficiently, information about all the different tests and sonograms you can expect throughout your pregnancy, develop a birth plan/intentions, gain a better understanding of the choices you have in childbirth, how to involve your partner in the process, discuss the stages of labor/birth, talk about how to care for newborn, provide early breastfeeding support, think about how to mentally/physically prepare for birth, prepare questions to ask your healthcare provider, discuss how to find/hire a doula, review choices you need to make for baby right after birth, do some fear-clearing for birth, discuss different laboring positions, develop your parenting philosophy, prepare your marriage for baby, and structure postpartum support.

This package includes:

  • 10 one-hour coaching calls 
  • 2 live or virtual fitness or prenatal classes
  • 2 written workout routines
  • Grocery shopping + supplement list 
  • Non-toxic product list
  • Hospital Bag list
  • Blog + book recommendations plus pregnancy resources
  • Birth Intentions (Plan) Template
  • Text and/or email support 
  • Add-on service: Amanda as your birth doula
  • Pregnancy + Birth is 4-6 month commitment

Postpartum Package

If you think that labor and delivery is the hard part, think again! Once the baby arrives, you are forever responsible for caring and raising this child. There’s a whole host of things to think about that can sometimes feel overwhelming. I offer new mamas the extra support they need during this time of transition, including how to care for your newborn, breastfeeding support, nutritional needs for both mama and baby, common infant milestones, respectful parenting principles, creating a safe playspace for baby, marriage support and postpartum intimacy, as well as finding your new mama community.

This package includes:

  • 5 coaching calls 
  • 2 live or virtual fitness or yoga classes
  • 4 written workouts, with an emphasis on restoring your pelvic floor, strengthening your core, and improving posture 
  • Grocery shopping + supplement list
  • Respectful parenting worksheet
  • Postpartum is a 3-month commitment

A La Carte Services

  • In-Person Private Yoga Sessions
  • In-Person One-on-One Personal Training
  • Birth Doula Services
  • Virtual Fitness and Yoga Classes
  • Emotional Support Coaching Calls
  • Pregnancy, Birth or Postpartum Consultation Calls or Visit

Birth Doula Services

Birth can be quite a wild ride so if you are feeling that you need extra support from someone who isn’t a family member or a doctor, it’s worth considering hiring a birth doula. A doula is a trained and experienced labor support professional who provides uninterrupted physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support to a birthing woman. Think of it as your own personal birth coach who will support you from the start of your labor to the birth of your baby. As your doula, I provide a constant, unwavering, solid presence so you can approach your birth with a sense of confidence, power and informed consent. I will help you get clear on the vision you have or your birth, how to develop a birth plan, hands-on comfort techniques, partner support and direction, fear-clearing exercises, breathing techniques, informational resources, and more. My services are for couples seeking a team member to support, guide, nurture and assist them on this incredible journey, one where they are willing to be present and participate.

*While the rest of my services are available to women all across the country, my birth doula services are only available to those who reside in or around New York City.

This package includes:

  • An initial meet and greet to make sure we are the right fit
  • 1 prenatal meeting to discuss all the details relating to your birth
  • Being “on call” from 37 weeks on
  • Uninterrupted support during your birth, regardless of what kind of birth you choose
  • Early breastfeeding support
  • Partner support 
  • Yoga for labor handout 
  • Laboring positions handout 
  • 1 postpartum meeting to unpack and process birth
  • Text/email/phone support throughout pregnancy
  • Book recommendations on labor and delivery 
  • Add on Service: Pregnancy + Birth Package 

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